About Us

About Us

About Us

Enterprise tenet: "Normative management and sustainable development"
Enterprise spirit: "diligence and enhancement, encouragement and self-improvement"

Predecessor of Zhuyangxin was founded in the Ming Dynasty. The company follows the purpose of specialty management and service first. Combining traditional ancient techniques with modern technology, it has developed a series of national and provincial famous products like Zhishang Capsule, Huang Lian Capsule, Wan Ling Wu Xiang Gao, dog skin plaster, refreshing plaster, etc. New-model gout suppressant febuxostat tablets (Feng Ding Ning®) won the first production licence and new drug certificate in Februay 2013 and obtained a number of invention patents authorized by the country.

The company was recognized as the first batch of "Old Chinese Brands" in 2006, was named "High-tech Enterprise"in 2008 and was named "Zhejiang Famous Brand" in 2009. In 2011, "Zhuyangxin's traditional plaster production technique" was included in the national intangible cultural heritage list. In 2014, the company successfully moved to Hangzhou Xiasha Economic and Technological Development Zone. The new site is equipped with modern production and testing equipment and it has passed the new GMP certification.

According to the company's development strategy and layout, the company's chemical drug formulation products will be put on the market one after another. The company has initially completed the transformation and upgrading from the traditional Chinese medicine company to the modern pharmaceutical enterprise paying equal attention to Chinese medicine and Western medicine.


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