Zhishang capsule

Zhishang capsule

●National exclusive product  
●National Traditional Chinese Medicine protection varieties
●National Medical Insurance B Variety

Approval No.

SFDA approval number Z10920013


Raw Korean aconite roof, Chinese parsnip root, notopterygium root, Arisacma Consanguineum, angelica root, etc. Main ingredients: hypaconitine, volatile oil, angelicin, saponin, benzoic acid, etc.

Functions and Indications

Expelling wind and removing stasis, relieving swelling and pain.

Pharmacological Functions

1. Adjust systemic or local blood circulation to improve the metabolic status of the lesion;
2. Regulates the function of coagulation and anticoagulant systems, with bidirectional regulation;
3. Inhibit inflammatory reactions, reduce the production of inflammatory mediators and pain-causing agents, and reduce pain;
4. Promote lesion repair and tissue regeneration.


1. All kinds of pain and swelling caused by bruises;
2. Internal injury of chest;
3. Rheumatic and rheumatoid arthritis;
4. Neck and shoulder pain.

Usage and dosage

Orally, 4-6 capsules at a time, 1-2 times a day with warm yellow wine or warm water, or as directed by your doctor; for external use, Apply the contents of the capsule to the affected area with white wine or vinegar.


0.25g×36 granules/box; 0.25g×42 granules/box; 0.25g×48 granules/box


Must be taken at prescribed doses or as directed by a doctor. Pregnant women cannot take.

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